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How healthy is your workforce?

A proactive approach to health and wellbeing within the workplace is key to a happier and healthier workforce. Investment in staff health and wellbeing does not have to involve high costs; simple measures can make a big difference!

Our Workplace Health Advisor works with local organisations and businesses to help encourage employers and staff to make healthier lifestyle choices. A proactive approach to the health and wellbeing of staff makes good business sense; some of the benefits experienced by businesses we have worked with are:

  • A happier and healthier workforce.
  • Reduced sickness and a quicker return to work after illness.
  • Improved staff retention.
  • Increased productivity and motivation.
  • Enhanced employer reputation.
  • Healthier stress levels.

We can bring free wellbeing check in's directly to your workplace. From these, we will provide advice and guidance to tackle the issues that matter most to you, the employer and your staff. 

How balanced are you?

Take our work-life quiz to find out! (New window, PDF, 100kb)

 Support we can offer

  • Individual staff wellbeing checks
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Smoking Cessation Programme
  • Weigh Better Life (Weight Management Programme)
  • Physical activities – Active for Life, Heart Smart walks.
  • Alcohol Reduction Support
  • Stress Management

Anne-Marie Dales, HR Manager, at Directlife says:

"I wanted to thank you very much, it was such a successful and informative day. All the staff who had a Wellbeing MOT were raving about it, so you did a good job."

Contact us

Our service is open to all workplaces within the Chichester District. To find out more information or to meet with our Workplace Health Advisor please call 01243 521041 or email Chichester Wellbeing.

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