Time to talk

Are you feeling depressed, anxious or lack self confidence?

Time to talk can help you...

  • regain control of your life,
  • enjoy and particpate in life again,
  • develop a new understanding of your difficulties, and
  • learn new ways of coping.

Time to Talk offer courses to help you understand how your feelings, thoughts and how you behave are linked. Get a personalised programme tailored to your needs. Face-to-face sessions and telephone support will help you find a solution to your problem. Your programme may unclude reading and projects to help you practice what you learn. You can look foward to:

  • a workshop with information and help around depression, stress and anxiety
  • web-based support and learning
  • workbooks with exercises and techniques to improve the way you manage

It helps to talk to others who feel the same.

Contact us

Please contact your GP for a referral to Time to Talk or telephone 01273 265967.

What you tell Time to Talk will remain confidential, except in the most unusual circumstances, for instance to prevent harm or to comply with the law. Your GP will receive a summary of your care when you leave the service.


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