Community support through bereavement and loss

People and communities have experienced multiple losses during the pandemic.  For people who have been bereaved, COVID restrictions have had an impact on almost every aspect of their experience.

The support of friends, family and the wider community can help people who are grieving, but we don’t always feel confident that we are doing and saying the right thing.

Useful resources

There are some resources available which can help:

Bereavement support

If you, or someone you know, need someone to talk to, the following organisations can help:

  • Cruse West Sussex – helpline 0808 808 1677
  • Winston’s Wish – offer support to those supporting bereaved children – helpline 08088 020 021
  • Child Bereavement UK – provide support to bereaved children and families and those supporting them – helpline 0800 02 888 40
  • Sudden – offer support when someone has died suddenly – helpline 0800 2600 400
  • BAMESTREAM - bereavement support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) adults who have been affected by the death of a loved one due to Covid-19
  • Hospice UK’s ‘Just B’ – counselling and trauma helpline 0300 303 4434 – for all NHS, care sector staff and emergency workers
  • Samaritans – helpline 116 123

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