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Recipe ideas

Flavour of the Month

                                    Heart of tomatoes

Each fruit and vegetable has a prime time when it's at its seaonal best. This means they tend to be cheaper and taste better.


August recipe ideas 

The flavours of the month for August are cos lettuce, raspberries and plums.


Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad

Berry Bircher

Healthy Plum Crumble


Beetroot cake 2

For those who attended Sue's Wellbeing Weight loss Workshop here is the recipe for her Beetroot cake.

Feel free to Tweet or Facebook any successful meals, we would love to see what you have made.

A Healthy diet is all about getting the right balance of nutrients. Sometimes that can be difficult to work out when you are thinking about what to cook for dinner or what to put in a lunch box, so here are a few simple recipes to try out at home.  

Also remember to try and add in your five a day portions of fruit and vegetables and keep an eye on your portion sizes. Here is a guide to work out your portion sizes and a food diary if you want to keep track of what your eating:

Palm sizes

In depth food diary


Simple recipes

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Skipping breakfast will leave our blood sugar levels very low and we can find it harder to concentrate during the day. It also means that we are more likely to crave sweet and sugary foods to compensate for the low blood sugar levels, which is why skipping breakfast can cause weight gain. The best type of breakfast should include wholegrains, some protein and some fruit or veg. So you could try porridge topped with (defrosted) frozen berries and a sprinkling of mixed seeds. You could pair it with  poached egg on whole-grain toast with some chopped tomatoes for a tasty breakfast.

For more recipes try the Change 4 Life meal planner just click here. 

If you're looking for healthy snacks to eat during the day try a handful of mixed nuts (unsalted) or seeds. A banana or oatcakes spread with peanut or cashew butter is also a great healthy snack. Click here for more healthy snack ideas.


                                        Eat Seasonably

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